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Who Are Kooka Brotha's ?

Kooka Brotha's Pty.Ltd. is an Australian company, totally focussed on producing premium, natural cakes and desserts for the Food Service Industry. Established in Albury-Wodonga in 1987, Kooka Brotha's is well placed to take natural advantage of the rich Murray River Basin's plentiful source of quality, clean primary produce.

Quick freezing of Kooka Brotha's hand crafted cakes, desserts and puddings ensures that the full flavour and freshness of these ingredients is captured without the need for artificial additives. Committed skilled staff working to high standards allows Kooka Brotha's to guarantee the consistent quality for which we have become renowned.

These frozen products offer the convenience of using part or all of the product as required, eliminating wastage. Once defrosted, your Kooka Brotha's dessert tastes and presents as a product which has just been made in your kitchen - but without the inconsistencies and costs normally associated with "in house" production.

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