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Where Is Kooka Brotha's Located ?

Geographically Kooka Brotha's locality borders the states of New South Wales and Victoria placing it at the southern reaches of the Riverina and in the north east of Victoria. Albury Wodonga is three hours from Melbourne, four hours from Canberra and six hours from Sydney.

Situated beside the Murray River it has access to the broad wheat plains to the north west and south to the valleys of the Murray, Ovens, Kiewa and King Rivers a region famous for its dairy produce and wines.

Our water, amongst the cleanest in the world, comes from the Snowy Mountains and Victorian Alps which feed the Hume Weir and Murray River.

View to the North
View to the north with the Hume Highway in the foreground and Albury in the middle distance.
Kooka Brotha's premises with its main freezer warehouse is minutes away from the Hume Highway - the main trade artery between Melbourne and Sydney.

Map of Australia 2000

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