Lemon Delicious Pudding

Lemon Delicious Pudding
A traditional dessert that belongs to a golden era of hot puddings and sauce.
A creamy lemon custard and sauce with a light sponge top finished with a light roast coconut crust.

Heat in microwave oven for 45-50 seconds from frozen, 30-35 seconds from frozen, or 30-35 seconds from defrosted.
Peel the paper down from the sides pudding before heating, and then remove the paper from the base when heated.
Alternatively remove from the paper whilst chilled and heat on the serving plate

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Name Code Dimensions Packaging Serving Instructions Defrosted Shelf Life Gluten Free Vegetarian
Lemon Delicious PuddingIPLDP Approx 7cm diameter. 6 per box,
6 boxes per outer carton
Serve heated in microwave
(40-45 seconds if frozen)
OR (30-35 seconds if defrosted)
4 days
at 2-5 °C
No Yes