Chocolate Lava Cake

Chocolate Lava Cake
A delightful contemporary favourite.
An individual serve, soft textured, dark chocolate pudding with a rich molten runny centre when warmed. The centre of the cake and sauce ouze onto the plate when the pudding is cut open with a spoon.

Best served warm, heat in microwave pven for 60 seconds from frozen and 40-45 seconds from defrosted

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Name Code Dimensions Packaging Serving Instructions Defrosted Shelf Life Gluten Free Vegetarian
Chocolate Lava CakeIPLAV Approx 6.1cm diameter. 12 per box,
4 boxes per outer carton
Serve heated in microwave
(60 seconds if frozen)
OR (40-45 seconds if defrosted)
4 days
at 2-5 °C
No Yes