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The following Copyright policy stems from a committment to and a belief in the integrity of copyright. Kooka Brotha's protects and promotes the concept of intellectual property rights, in particular the ownership of ideas both visual and textual and as such will endeavour to establish, protect and defend copyright. All graphical elements used at this site are original works produced by Kooka Brotha's, and permissions are obtained for use of all works that are not the property of Kooka Brotha's. Permissions are obtained for all works that appear at this site.

All photographs that appear on this site are copyrighted by the photographer. If a photograph is not the property of Kooka Brotha's permisssion will be sought and acknowledged accordingly. Any material that is not the property of Kooka Brotha's will not be published without prior permission to use that material. The copyright in the material contained in this Web Site (including pages and on-line images) belongs to Kooka Brotha's and are protected by the Copyright Laws of Australia. All rights are reserved. Any person may copy parts of this material, subject to the following conditions:

This site contains links to other sites on the Internet which are not owned nor operated by Kooka Brotha's for which they have no control and can accept no responsibility for the content or privacy practices of non-Kooka Brotha's sites. Nor can the fact that Kooka Brotha's has given you these listings serve as an endorsement by Kooka Brotha's of any of these sites.


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